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Premium Ultimate Set

RM 1,213.00 RM 164,700.00

This Package Comprises Of: 

1 x Ultimate Youth Capture Moisture/100ml

1 x Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel/100ml

1 x Grape Seed Vivifiante Face Wash/100ml

1 x Aqua Plus Hydration UV Protector/50ml

1 x Pure Hyaluronic Acid Elixir/6ml

1 x EGF Clearlight Night Essence/6ml

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial treatment at home using Grape Seed Vivifiante Face Wash which uses olive oil As foaming agent to gently cleanse your face followed by enzymatic Gold Radiance Exfoliating Gel that dislodge pore clotting factors and blackheads. Apply EGF Clearlight Night Essence to heal your skin while you sleep and Pure Hyaluronic Acid Elixir to boost collagen production and improve firmness. Then apply Ultimate Youth Capture Moisture Which Helps To Hydrate, Tighten, Brighten, Protect And Reduce Wrinkles All In One Bottle. It Boosts Natural Collagen Production. Give a healthy tone to your skin with breathable Aqua Hydrating UV Protector that protects your skin against UV A/B without clogging your pores.